Just a day after Via shed light on the new EPIA SN series boards that give them a "Vista-capable" stamp, Via has announced that they'll be showing off even more new EPIA hardware at the Embedded Systems Conference this week.

Starting tomorrow Via will be demonstrating the Eden core ULV processors, which when operating at 500MHz consume an average of 100mW, with peak power being a mere 1W. This puts the Eden underneath even Intel's XSCALE architecture processors. Other hardware they plan to show off includes things they have already announced this year, such as their SN series, the Pico-ITX form factor boards and their newer IGP chipsets.

I hope Via maintains a focus on the embedded community, both enterprise and enthusiast. They face a lot of competition from Intel and AMD, both of whom are already well-rooted into embedded environments with XSCALE and Geode lines. You can read the press release at Via's site.