Apple has claimed several times in the recent past that they do not directly oppose hackers tinkering with their products, particularly the iPhone and the iPod. That aura of apathy seems to wane, however, when they are faced with the possibility of someone leaking iPod code onto the Internet.

It seems Apple has issued a takedown notice to the ISP of a man who decided to crack open a broken iPod touch and take a peek at its code. He announced his intentions to make the code available to a select few other hackers, most likely for the purpose of running 3rd party software on it. Posting the code may have been illegal, but what has surprise many is how quickly Apple reacted (almost instantaneously):

But what's amazing here is how fast Apple moved on this-- either they've got someone listening in on the development wiki, or they're taking cues from us on how things are going over there
Why all the strongarming? Even if someone did release code for their products, it would probably only serve to get even more interest in them. Sooner or later, I imagine there will be a plethora of hacks for the iPod Touch and iPhone, and code leaks are bound to happen. I wonder what Apple's response will be once it's past the point of their control.