Call this a preview of even better things to come...
The fact is we have had the LG GGW-H10NI Super Multi Blue drive in our hands for a couple of months now, however we did not know in full what to do with it. In one hand, the GGW-H10N is the most advanced optical drive you can get for the PC today, with the capacity of reading and rewriting Blu-ray discs, reading HD DVD discs, and handling all other standard media tasks with DVDs and CDs.

Sounds good so far? Well, the problem with the GGW-H10NI is in part what makes it great. LG amused us with the announcement of a hybrid optical drive capable of handling both next-generation formats back in January during this year's CES trade show. However, the GGW-H10NI did not appear in store shelves until June for a staggering $1,200, which of course reduced its appeal to a more select few willing to pay the premium for this first generation wonder. Furthermore, only one month later, during July they announced an improved drive that would sell for less money, slated for release in late September (it's now October so obviously it has taken them a bit longer, but it should be out any day now).

But just like Steve Jobs blatantly put it recently when he announced price cuts for the iPhone: "that's what happens in technology." Today, the GGW-H10NI is still available for a reduced price of $850, while many are still waiting for its successor, the GGW-H20LI which will carry a more appealing price tag of $500.

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