Asus has introduced the new P5E3 Deluxe motherboard, which in addition to being based on Intel's new X38 chipset and having all sorts of features that you'd expect to find on a high-end motherboard, it also features an embedded Linux environment, dubbed Asus Express Gate.

Asus Express Gate is powered by the soon-to-be-announced Splashtop instant-on Linux desktop environment by DeviceVM, which will offer a way to surf the web with Firefox or make VoIP phone calls through Skype within five seconds of pushing the PC's start button and without fully booting the computer.

Splashtop is also able to access and use the mainboard's built-in 802.11n wireless adapter right out of the box. Future incarnations of the product will reportedly allow quick access to photos, MP3s, and a DVD player, according to DeviceVM's VP of marketing David Speiser. The new Asus P5E3 Deluxe motherboard is expected to sell for $360. You can head to Phoronix to read a hands-on review of the Asus P5E3 Deluxe.