This week, OCZ has introduced more hardware for the upper echelon of desktop performance with the introduction of an "SLI-Ready" DDR2 4GB kit. As part of their Nvidia SLI certified series, they are introducing the modules as a more optimal fit for rigs on the nForce platforms, most notably the newer 600 series.

The modules are impressive enough, with the paper specs indicating timings of 5-4-4-15 at 800MHz, and as always OCZ is playing up their overclocking potential and their ideal match being particular boards:

Only motherboards equipped with the custom-designed BIOS, such as those designed for NVIDIA nForce SLI MCPs, can detect the optimized SPD profiles and ensure the memory functions under the best possible conditions. The exclusive OCZ SPD specifications take out the guesswork and provide enthusiasts and gamers with significant overclocked performance with no manual adjustment or compatibility issues
As with all products of this nature, there is a lifetime warranty on the modules even if you overvolt them up to a certain point. There is no mention on price currently, though they should be available soon. You can read about them at the OCZ product page.

I usually like high-end hardware, price premiums aside. What I don't like, however, is segregation - where vendors begin teaming up and rating their products to be "optimized" for another vendors products. Eventually, it can lead to isolationism or stronger divisions in the market. Systems should remain flexible. After all, that's half the fun in owning a PC.