Although the HD DVD versus Blu-Ray format war continues to heat up, many skeptics believe that neither format will succeed, arguing that movie download services via the Internet will render them obsolete. While I agree that downloading content is the way of the future, there's no doubt that the optical format war will continue for some time to come. In the meantime, however, an increasing amount of video - in the form of network television shows and Hollywood movies along with amateur videos - is being made available everyday on the Internet. In our latest poll we want to know: How much of the video content you watch is downloaded and/or played using a PC? (if you are reading from the frontpage, see the new poll on the right side column).

In our previous poll we asked our readers what is their favorite time to read TechSpot. The majority of the voters claimed to read us randomly throughout the day, while almost a quarter of the voters said they read TechSpot first thing in the morning. Check the image below for the rest of the poll results.