Just a hop, skip and a jump after Microsoft decided to invest $240 million into Facebook, the popular social networking site has come under fire.

Facebook is facing litigation after they supposedly sent racy text messages to people who didn't subscribe to them. After "adult" messages made their way to people to thousands of people who wanted nothing to do with them, accidentally, one woman has decided to file a class action suit against them.

Accidents do happen, so if there is a technical mishap I doubt the case will go very far. In fact, if the case is cut and dry as it seems, with the issue merely being cell phone numbers being recycled, it is easy to determine why these things could happen. The assertion here is that perhaps it was not a mistake, but an intentional mass-marketing of X-rated messages. That seems unlikely, and it especially does not seem that a naughty text message is worth a $5 Million fine. Regardless, that's what the suit is demanding. Perhaps she should have just asked for an apology and a promise not to do it again.