In what can be seen as yet another corporate blunder, Comcast has let slip their policy on employee discussions regarding "bandwidth management". In particular, in the issue of how Comcast blocks or shapes P2P traffic such as torrents, their stance is that talking about this subject as an employee can get you fired.

Rather than giving an inquisitive customer a straight answer, employees are fed a list of bullet-points to run through. Straying from the list could have bad consequences:

"Management informed anyone that discussed this issue with any customer or press associate that it would lead to termination," an internal tier 2 tech support worker told Ars on the condition of anonymity.
Of course, the company re-iterates their claim that they do not block access to "any applications". That's nothing more than PR speak, as the issue is not whether the company is blocking an application but rather if they are filtering traffic. When it comes to that, there's more than just speculation. They are filtering or shaping P2P traffic to some extent, and if they had just up and justified their actions without trying to suppress or hide it, it probably would have never become such a hot topic.

For a company that is supposedly not doing anything to P2P traffic (so they claim), they are going to great lengths to make sure no one talks about it (or at least their employees).