While the PS3 is still doing pretty terrible overall, Sony's recent decision to lower the cost of the unit and make more hardware (and software) available is helping them. They are still getting trounced by Nintendo and Microsoft, but over in Japan the margin by which they are being outsold has shrunk. For October, they sold half the number of consoles that Nintendo did - a bit less than 50,000 units. However, that's a ratio much better than earlier in the year in which they were getting trounced as high as six to one back in June.

This shows a continuing trend of the PS3 slowly creeping up on the Wii month after month, though the actual number of units sold isn't going up. This could also be related to the total number of Wiis being sold declining, which isn't surprising giving how explosive the growth of the Wii has been.

While Sony might be able to eventually go neck-and-neck per month with Nintendo, it seems highly unlikely that they will be able to overcome all the ground they lost after the initial launch.