Games magazine publisher Enterbrain has published the latest figures on console sales in Japan showing that Nintendo's Wii continues to dominate the next-generation console market in the region. But its overwhelming lead in the market was narrowed for the second consecutive month as Sony's PlayStation 3 keeps gaining back lost ground in the market.

Figures show that Nintendo outsold the PS3 at a ratio of 3 to 1 with 245,653 units sold compared to 81,541 PS3 consoles in the four weeks to August 26. However, the ratio was more than four to one in favor of the Wii in July and six to one in June. Microsoft's Xbox 360 still sits at the bottom of Japanese charts, with just over 11,000 units sold during the same period.

Poor sales of the PS3 have been blamed on high price and lack of strong game titles, however, Sony plans to change that with a wide range of new games launching towards the critical year-end shopping season. Meanwhile, the Wii was recently named the fastest-selling console in UK history, shifting one million units in just 38 weeks. In comparison, the PlayStation 2 took 50 weeks to reach one million in sales and the Xbox 360 took 60 weeks.