Last week, we heard reports of an abnormally high failure rate of the hard drives inside many models of the MacBook. The flaw, which was allegedly confirmed by Seagate to be a hardware defect, could potentially result in the disk being destroyed and the data on it being lost.

A week later and the natives are getting restless. Apple has still not made any public comment, official or otherwise, on the nature of the flaw nor if they plan to offer repair or recalls for anyone that is affected. They also have remained tight-lipped about a bug in the most recent version of Finder (present in Leopard), which also can result in data loss.

Why the silence? It's been proven time and again that when a company remains mum on a subject, the odds of it spreading like a wildfire on the Internet and becoming a much larger PR issue are high. Hopefully, Apple will soon take action - or at least comment on the situation - to ease troubled minds.