Despite the many things that have plagued the OLPC, from production delays to competition to supply issues, the project is moving forward. Now, for the first time, and for a short time only, the OLPC is now available for purchase via the buy one give one program that began being touted a few months ago.

For a modest $400 price tag, people in North America can purchase an XO laptop with the assurance that another XO will be given free of charge to someone in an emerging country. It may not be a sound hardware investment, but for kind-hearted philanthropists or people just really itching to play with one of the XO units, the option is now there.

Considering the difficulties they have had with bringing this project to fruition, particularly with production, the offer may disappear at any time. However, now we'll at least get to see if developed countries have any interest in this machine. Perhaps if there is enough enthusiasm it will boost the project enough to carry it further.