So how do you make an end of life product look like new again and more importantly how do you make it sell like hot cakes? Well you would do exactly what Nvidia has done with the GeForce 8800 GT: make it nearly as fast as your high-end product and sell it at half the price!

For those holding out to see what the next generation ATI graphics cards are going to be like, you may as well find the 8800 GT too hard to resist and I am sure this is exactly what Nvidia is banking on, stealing a little thunder from whatever AMD has got to show us soon.

The GeForce 8800 GT was officially launched on October 29th and was made available on retail immediately. Today just two weeks later, the card is supposed to be everywhere but it's been extremely hard to keep up with the demand for the card. Nvidia announced that the suggested retail price for the GeForce 8800 GT would be $200 for the 256MB version and around $250 for the 512MB version. Currently the average 512MB 8800 GT graphics card costs between $270-$290, slightly above the MSRP, which is not that unusual for a product that has only just recently been released.

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