By now many of you should be familiar with ATI's All-in-Wonder and TV Wonder products, even if only by name, the product series has been around for over ten years now. Today AMD announced the new ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB which is meant to offer HDTV functionality to Mac users using its two built-in TV tuners which can receive off-the-air ATSC/HDTV broadcasts as well as analog television signals.

Among the features included in the Wonder 650 Combo we find the ATI tvPORTAL application to watch, pause, and record high definition programming. There's also the Electronic Programming Guide which let users schedule and manage TV recordings. You can expect the TV Wonder 650 for Mac to be available later this month for $149. It will be distributed by VisionTek in the U.S. There is no mention on when it will be available to other markets.