Though Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold more units than the Wii in September due largely to the launch of Halo 3, it didn't take long for Nintendo to regain its accustomed top spot in console sales. According to NPD's latest numbers, the Wii sold 519,000 units in October, followed by the Nintendo DS with 458,000 and the Xbox 360 with 366,000.

Despite being ousted from the first place Microsoft still has the bragging rights when it comes to revenue. According to the report, the 360 generated $354 million in revenue, compared to $246 million for Wii and $116 million for PS3. Most of that revenue came from software sales, where Microsoft really excels, with Halo 3 and Guitar Hero III being the month's big sellers for the console.

With the Christmas rush really starting to kick in, things are also looking up for Sony's less popular console. In the seven days to November 11, Sony shifted an impressive 100,000 PlayStation 3 consoles, after the company slashed $100 off the 80GB PS3 in October and launched a new 40GB low-end model for $399.