Crysis is AMAZING: Crysis is no tech demo, the guys at Crytek have once again built a great enjoyable game upon a good engine and game software platform. I was very pissed off a few years ago when these guys did not get all the recognition they deserved for Far Cry (the original PC game) but it's likely that won't happen again. TechSpot Blog.

PC gaming industry A-OK (say PC gaming executives): Representatives from Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Crytek held a combination political rally/pep talk for the PC gaming industry Friday at Nvidia's GeForce LAN 4 event in Alameda, Calif. The audience--several hundred rabid PC gamers with plans to spend the entire weekend playing Crysis--cheered the panelists as they reassured attendees that all was well in the PC gaming world.

Valve Hardware Survey Results (nice trends to watch on what kind of PCs gamers run): Every few months we run a hardware survey on Steam. If you participate, the survey collects data about what kinds of computer hardware and system software you're using, and the results get sent to Steam. Steam Powered.

Firefox Exploit can Hack Gmail: The vulnerability, which is still in the wild some 10 days after its discovery on, allows hackers to access Google accounts, including Gmail, with cross-site scripting attacks. PC World.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 goes 65nm: Falcon Dissection and Power Consumption - Die shrinks are big deals in the PC industry; transitioning to smaller manufacturing processes means faster switching times and greater transistor density, usually resulting in cooler, faster and more feature-filled CPUs and GPUs. Anandtech.