Nearly a month ago, we began hearing stories of certain Macbooks being prone to a catastrophic data loss. The problem ended up being a defect in the hard drives used in certain models, manufactured by Seagate. While Seagate briefly mentioned that a flaw might be present, Apple remained tight-lipped, much to the chagrin of many users.

Now, Apple is finally admitting that a flaw has at least been "reported", and that they are investigating the issue. That's all? You'd think a company of Apple's size could manage to at least let people know they were "looking into" an issue the same day it was reported. They aren't mentioning whether they believe a flaw is present, nor what it is, exactly, they are looking into.

Even if the issue has arisen from a Seagate manufacturing flaw, it is in poor character for Apple to wait so long to even acknowledge the possibility of a problem.