OCZ is releasing some new powerful hardware through their PC Power & Cooling branch in the form of a new power supply. They have announced the Turbo-cool 860W unit, which boasts the ability to supply 64A of current continuously at 12V, more than enough for very powerful machines with very demanding hardware.

The unit also has some other interesting features, like the ability to fine-tune the output voltage easily, something that is normally only in the hands of an experienced tinkerer. They also boast a higher MTBF compared to other PSUs. All in all, they are pitching the unit as suitable for enterprise use or enthusiast use, though clearly their target here are people wanting to put two (or now even three, with 3-way SLi) high-powered video cards into a system.

You can read more about the unit at OCZ's site and see it at the PCP&C product page.