While 802.11n didn't see a lot of adoption in 2007, the as-of-yet unsanctioned product lineups will be getting a boost this year. D-Link and Alpha Networks in particular are set to offer more devices with 802.11n support and incorporate more functionality in those devices that have it. With D-Link being known for targeting the "entry-level" markets, devices supporting 802.11n will probably drop significantly in price.

Specific products aren't mentioned from D-Link, but we can probably expect more of the same - access points, wireless adapters, et cetera - and more functionality on these devices. For instance, "online gaming solutions" in an 802.11n device is mentioned. That is a pretty vague statement, but brings up notions of features like QoS, which can be important with added stress on wireless systems as more devices are added.

The performance of 802.11n has proven to be sporadic, which can be attributed to multiple vendors competing with a standard that has yet to be ratified, but it is clear that both consumers and vendors are willing to experiment and adopt this new technology.