One of the most successful products that Apple has ever introduced has been the iPod. Paired with iTunes, it has helped Apple claim the top spot of media players and online music peddling, which in almost everyones eyes is good.

Some, however, are disillusioned - or outright hostile. A lawsuit filed just a few days ago asserts that Apple is holding and maintaining an illegal monopoly. They claim the restrictions placed upon iTunes have locked users into both hardware and software. They cite examples such as the iPod not supporting DRM-protected WMA files when most other services do.

Apple has reasons of their own for not supporting WMA, such as the cost of licensing from Microsoft. Of course, it seems unlikely this would have come about if Apple was not the majority player in the market. The lawsuit seeks class action status, and seeks change in both iTunes and the iPod. Somehow I imagine Apple will react as they have been with other recent complaints - ignoring them.