Haven't we heard this before? The former CTO of OLPC, now working for a spin-off company called Pixel Qi, is claiming that the sub $100 laptop really isn't an impossibility. Despite OLPC promising such and failing to meet said promise, Pixel Qi claims they can create a $75 laptop. How do they actually intend to accomplish this? Mary Lou Jepsen of Pixel Qi doesn't give any specifics, only that they intend to take advantage of improvements in technology that result in lower production costs for the same hardware they use now.

This also comes a mere two weeks after she left the OLPC project - one might think it was planned from the beginning. Their cheap laptop may have more than good nature in its sights, too, with mentions of the unit being available to commercial markets as well as nonprofit.

I wonder how the OLPC project will react to this announcement.