The FCC took several steps over the past few days into investigating complaints about how Internet service providers manage traffic on their networks. Specifically, the agency has asked Comcast to respond in writing by January 25 regarding accusations that the company is blocking access to certain file sharing applications.

Comcast denies it blocks file sharing, but has admitted it manages traffic in order to provide better connectivity to all customers. The company maintains that such management is not only within its rights, but that it works within the parameters for "reasonable network management" set forth in the FCC's Internet policy statement.

Looking to gather additional information and input on the situation, the FCC has opened a public comment period on whether "degrading peer-to-peer traffic" violates FCC rules for reasonable network management and whether Comcast's P2P throttling constitutes "reasonable network management." Anyone who has something to say about this issue has until February 13 to file public comments with the commission, and until February 28 for reply comments.