What do you do when very old and very popular games are remade online for various people to enjoy? If you own those games, you sue. That's the step Hasbro is taking in their offensive against Facebook, with Hasbro demanding that several game clone apps on the infamous site be taken down.

Mattel is in with Hasbro on the act, in which Facebook faces lawsuits for having things like a Scrabble clone on the site available to their users, due to copyright infringement. Considering that neither Hasbro nor Mattel have an online version of this game available, one might think that more exposure to it would only benefit them. Obviously they do not see it that way, and despite the protests from many thousands of Facebook members, they demand it to be removed. Depriving users of services you formerly provided them is no way to benefit your company, so it will be interesting to see how Facebook handles this.