Update: We recently received a message from a Dell rep. letting us know that the problem reported should not put users in danger, and what is being reported is a tingling from touch currently associated with a two-wire notebook power adapter. You can read more on Dell's blog.

Most enthusiasts revel in custom or unique case designs, and when big vendors pick up on "top-quality" aesthetics for PCs it is usually encouraged. Some of those who paid a premium for a brushed-aluminum finish on a Dell XPS might be getting more than they bargained for, however. The M1530, which can come with a metallic finish, is a laptop much like any other. However, many users have been reporting an electric shock when touching the machine.

The problem stems from the fact that the power adapter, and hence the laptop, are not grounded - which can lead to situation where the laptop will instead use the unwitting customer for a ground. This leads to someone getting a jolt when touching it. Obviously it is an unintentional design flaw, but unfortunately it isn't one that could be fixed with a firmware upgrade. Dell hasn't responded to the situation, though I can imagine this will lead to repairs or potentially even a recall of the affected units. Hopefully we'll hear more on this soon.