Despite the iPhone being still a relatively new device to the market, there are already companies seeking to trounce Apple. Which is somewhat odd, since Apple is still a very minority player in the PDA and mobile phone market. That said, Garmin is preparing to release the Nuvifone, a device they claim will out-class the infamous and increasingly popular Apple unit.

Not due for release for several months yet, the device will sport a 3.5" screen and will couple a lot of goodies into a small unit, including phone, video, mp3, internet and camera support - along with GPS functionality. Depending on price, the latter capability will probably be its biggest selling point. Particularly if they can couple it with their already well-known mapping systems like in their handheld and car GPS systems. One very interesting feature was the camera, which can overlay the GPS coordinates of the picture when it is taken. It does sound like a neat unit - though it seems almost impossible that they will be able to have the same sort of sales avalanche on day one like the iPhone did.