Anyone that follows the PC industry has to have noticed a trend over the past few years that leans towards the mobile market. With notebook computer adoption growing at such a fast rate you can see why both AMD/ATI and Nvidia are fighting to one up each other in the discrete notebook GPU field.

In 2007, AMD’s proportion of the market was less than 20% - 30% due to vendor concerns that their relationships with Intel would be trounced following the acquisition of ATI, were they to adopt Intel and ATI combinations for their notebooks. But according to a DigiTimes report, citing their usual sources at notebook makers, around 55% to 60% of vendors’ high-end notebooks will adopt AMD’s M82 and M86 discrete GPUs by Q2 2008, due to their advantages in low power consumption and cost over Nvidia’s notebook solutions.

Competition in this field could further heat up later this year if Intel, which has already built a strong lead in the integrated graphics market, finally enters the discrete GPU market in 2008 as it is being rumored.