AMD first demonstrated its new OverDrive tool to us in November last year during its Spider platform launch, but it wasn’t until just recently that the software is actually up for download on the company’s website, enabling users to overclock their systems as much or as little as desired in real-time through a single interface and without a system reboot.

Pretty much every hardware parameter can be controlled manually, from memory timings and voltages to setting four different clock frequencies for the four individual cores of a Phenom X4 processor. An “Auto Clock” feature for automatic fine-tuning and overclocking is also available. In addition, stability tests can be performed once a system is modified to gauge stability and see if performance has increased. Unfortunately, you need to be using an AMD Phenom CPU with an AMD 790-series motherboard chipset to use OverDrive, but if your PC fits the specs you should definitely check this one out.