Now that Nvidia has completed the acquisition of Ageia Technologies just a few days after first making the deal public, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is shedding a little more light on the company's future plans for the technology.

During yesterday's financial earnings conference call Huang revealed that Nvidia's strategy is to take the Ageia physics engine, which has already been integrated into more than 140 games, and port it onto CUDA - Nvidia's a general purpose GPU technology that allows graphics processors to do jobs that normally only CPUs would do.

According to the company, every CUDA-enabled GPU - or all of Nvidia's existing GeForce 8 series - will be able to run PhysX with just a software download. Huang was unwilling to reveal a date for the release of the first PhysX port, though. In the meantime, Nvidia plans to stay committed to hardware-accelerated Physics and support Ageia's current PPU customer commitments, as well as its future business.