Besides the updates on its MacBook line and the launch of a 2GB iPod Shuffle, Apple has released today a new firmware for the iPhone. Firmware update 1.1.4 came out today, though it is a lot lighter on details and robustness than was the 1.1.3 firmware. It seems a lot of emphasis has been put on bug fixes rather than new features. The news come as iPhone owners eagerly await the release of the official SDK, which makes it obvious this release is meant to put things in order and prepare the device before the kit arrives in the weeks to come.

If you can recall, when Apple released the last firmware update for the iPhone back in September, it ended up bricking a lot of units that had been unlocked or otherwise modded. Post-update, many people found themselves with non-functional phones, much to their dismay. If you're using an unlocked phone, there's still that risk there, so beware.