In-game XMB has been one of the most requested features for the PS3 since its inception. Currently, gamers are forced to quit games in progress in order to do things like check which friends are online, read a message or play music. While the PS3 supports both voice and text messaging on select games, its availability is sporadic, unlike Xbox 360’s globally accessible dashboard.

That may soon come to an end – if comments of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe managing director Ray Maguire are to be believed. Speaking on the momentum of the console, which just beat the 1 million unit milestone in the UK, Maguire noted that sales of the PlayStation 3 would be bolstered by “in-game communication”, to be implemented via firmware update 2.4 this summer.

However, Sony refused to clarify whether or not the addition of in-game communication means integration with the XMB interface, so it isn’t clear whether the update will be limited to simple voice chat and messaging or whether it will allow you to invite players directly into your games.