Users waiting for a fix to a Windows Home Server data corruption issue will have to wait a bit longer, as Microsoft has admitted that it will not deliver a fix until June at the earliest. The company has been aware of the problem for months, but claims the bug is at an “extremely low level of the operating system” and requires thorough testing to ensure that the fix correctly addresses the issue.

The problem means that when certain programs are used to edit or transfer files that are stored on a Windows Home Server-based computer that has more than one hard drive, the files may become corrupted. The company downplayed the flaw claiming only a “very small” percentage of users have been affected and that the OS’ backup and restore capabilities – probably the main reason non-tech savvy users would be getting WHS – are not affected by this issue.

A beta fix should be available in the next few months. In the meantime, Microsoft recommends using Windows Explorer or a command line tool to copy files from a Windows Home Server-based computer and not to use applications to directly edit or change files that are stored on the Windows Home Server.