Yet another company has decided to step into the brave new world of solid state disks, following in the footsteps of Samsung, Hitachi, Intel, BiTMICRO and others. Imation will be joining the crowd with a focus on performance over storage capacity, pitching their new MOBI 3000 and PRO 7000 units aimed at either midrange desktops or performance business workstations.

The PRO 7000 claims a sustained read speed of 120MByte/sec and a write speed of 90MByte/sec, with the MOBI 3000 at a slightly less impressive 100MByte/sec and 80MByte/sec. Though Imation’s new drives boast an impressive performance indeed, their storage capacity is less exciting with the units shipping in 32GB and 64GB models. Their price tags are also pretty hefty, at $699 and $1159, meaning they are really counting on the performance aspect to sell the drives.