AUO has recently announced that they are expanding their lineup of widescreen LCD panels, this time with a focus on hi-def content. In particular, they are fabbing monitors that have resolutions other than the standard widescreen resolutions we expect to see on a PC monitor. This would be, for instance, 1920x1080 HD content as opposed to 1920x1200. Their goal is to offer a display that more accurately renders movies and other HD content by playing it at their native resolution. They are offering the panels in sizes from 18.5” all the way up to a massive 32”.

With the increasing availability of hi-def content, particularly streaming content, more people will be using their computer LCDs for movie watching purposes. One disadvantage that a computer LCD often has over an HDTV however is the aspect ratio. Even if the resolution of the PC monitor is greater than that of an HDTV, it was still designed with computer tasks in mind, such as nice big desktops and ample screens for gaming. HD content will often not be able to make full use of the display or can look distorted if scaled or stretched. AUO thinks they can capitalize on this. Somehow, I doubt it's that big of a concern, especially since the majority of HDTVs already offer VGA or HDMI inputs to hook up a computer if you need to watch something off it.