Business magazine Fortune recently talked to Seagate CEO, Bill Watkins, about his feeling toward the new trend of ultra-portable laptops carrying solid state disks. Apparently, Watkins feels there is no real threat for the traditional hard drive because he believes people will realize there is no valid justification for paying much more for so much less storage space. He was quoted saying: “Realistically, I just don’t see the flash notebook sell… We just don’t see the proposition.”

But that’s not all, Watkins also mentioned that if SSDs someday become popular enough to threat the hard disk drive business, he is ready to play the lawsuit card. Watkins believes that SSD makers and boosters like Intel and Samsung violate patents they hold regarding the way storage devices communicate with computers. Despite what others may think, there are a lot of companies with great faith in this technology who we are sure are not ready to back down.