After a failed launch of our news comments system last night, we are ready for a louder comeback :D. We are using an even newer news & comments system that integrates with vB, so we now have vB security behind our back.

I won't go into much detail and will let the system speak for itself, go to that Comments link and take it a look.
Pretty much like before there is no need of registration for posting and your name will be seen on that "Last Comment by" line if you are the last person posting on a given topic, of course.

For existing TS Forum members, you can further improve your post count when posting comments, too, and now our news are being archived and are also searchable through vB.

Before I go to bed (once again, pretty early in the morning here and still no sleep :blackeye: ), I wanted to remind you that you can now create your own System Specs page @ TechSpot by registering to our forums and putting the info up on your profiles, the link to that profile from anywhere you want.