Another piece of information has come out of the excessively-covered Yahoo today. While I am sure we are all looking forward to when Yahoo makes a decision and this all goes away, the impact that their decision could have makes it worth watching. Yahoo's single largest investor, Capital World, has recently doubled their stake in Yahoo, giving them 10.1% ownership of the wishy-washy search giant. This not only will benefit them once Yahoo moves forward, but could also give them more ability to sway the minds of those who control the company. Why the sudden interest in doubling their stake? Clearly, they see that Yahoo is about to get a huge boost in income no matter which way they decide to go.

Along the same note, earlier this morning we heard about Yahoo dealing with AOL. While the rumors of a Google merge were put to rest pretty quickly, an AOL merger seems plausible at the least and probably a better move for the search market as a whole. Others seem to share that sentiment, fearing that a Microsoft takeover would result in Yahoo being more or less disposed of to make room for MSN, whereas an AOL merger might actually see an improvement in Yahoo services.