There is no doubt that phishing scams are one of the most hated scourges on the Internet these days. So it comes as no great surprise that a new, nasty phishing scam has been seen in the wild, this one targeting the US District Court. MXLogic is reporting about a new scam that relies on fooling people via an email, using coercion to make them believe they have been subpoenaed. The scam is fairly detailed on the MXLogic website, but like most phishing scams is chock full of spelling errors and other mistakes that someone paying attention would notice very quickly.

You'd think that for all the effort phishers put into duping someone, they'd spend an extra thirty seconds spellchecking an email before they send it to a million people. This new scam, higher stakes aside, is just one more in a seemingly endless sea of people who want to take advantage of others.