The injunction that Dish Network is facing after their loss to TiVo might not be as bad as initially thought, but is still worse than Dish Network claimed. Originally, Dish had told their customers that none of their products would be affected. As it turns out, that's mostly true, as they were able to update the software on the boxes to avoid patent infringement. Unfortunately for some of their customers, there are still four models that they cannot update the software on. The models include the 721, 921, 942, and Homezone 1022, all of which are in the field.

According to Dish, customers with these units don't have to worry since the injunction affects sales of the units only, and not those already on customer's hands. Also because these models are quite old and have since been replaced by upgraded models, the actual impact on Dish may be minor. At the end of the day, the good news come for the customers that one way or another were not terribly affected by the legal battle.