Even though Verizon has been public about their intentions to open up its entire network to third-party devices and applications, including - as the 700MHz auction rules dictate - the C block of spectrum that Verizon recently won, Google is apparently still skeptical that the carrier really intends to do so.

In a petition filed with the FCC last week, Google urged the commission to demand that Verizon comply strictly with the open-access rules that have been placed on the C block. Although Verizon has yet to explicitly detail its plans for the spectrum, Google contends that Verizon has argued previously that the open-access rule should apply only to devices that consumers bring to the network and should not include devices that Verizon sells to its customers.

Commenting on the specifics in Google's petition, Verizon said the search giant's filing "has no legal standing" and that if Google or anybody else has evidence that they aren't playing by the rules, there are legitimate and expedited ways to address that.