Samsung's OLED TVs are on their way for 2009, but the company has given us even more reason to get all smitten over the technology courtesy of their ultra-thin AMOLED notebook prototype. The system uses a 12-inch AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode) display that would match the resolution of a same-size LCD at 1280x768 but produce a much better picture.

The screen's lack of any need for a backlight also allows for an extremely thin display. On top of that the prototype has a touch sensitive keypad too, making it far thinner than the world's current record holder, the MacBook Air. I doubt this 12.1-inch beauty will hit the market anytime soon - if at all - but Samsung has already said they are planning to offer 14- and 15-inch OLED-based laptops as soon as 2009. (Image source: Engadget)