Back in November 2006, Microsoft launched its Zune portable media player as an answer to Apple's ubiquitous iPod. But while the company claims to be very pleased with their progress in this space, the truth is the Zune has so far failed to make a significant dent in the market with just a 4% share, as opposed to the 71% claimed by the iPod.

Now, in a further vote of no-confidence in Microsoft's device, GameStop has come out and announced that they will no longer be a supporter and carrier of the Zune portable media player. The company is citing insufficient demand as the reason behind taking such a decision.

It's important to note, however, that while many are touting this as a huge blow to Microsoft, in reality GameStop dropping the Zune is not such a big deal as it only means the store is once again just sticking to video games and video game consoles. GameStop doesn't currently carry Apple's iPod, so the Zune has been a bit of an anomaly in its product lineup. Furthermore, other retailers such as, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy will continue offering the Zune.