Nvidia's Editors day is over, and while there is still a hush-hush over what they have in store there are rumors circulating as to what we'll see from them soon. Specs for the GTX 260 and GTX 280 are expected to be fairly impressive, though the 280 is of course the more powerful of the two. It is expected to have a 600MHz or faster GPU core and 1GB of GDDR3 running at 1100MHz or faster. The 260 is a bit slower, with the GPU core at about 576MHz, less memory and slower memory clock. On paper both cards seem impressive, as will their expected price at about $600 and $450, respectively.

The lack of GDDR5 on these units might play in ATI's favor, which they are planning to use very soon. Nvidia definitely has the one-up on them currently, though, and will be supposedly releasing these cards in just a few weeks. With a fairly high TDP of 236W and 182W, don't be looking to snag them for anything less than extreme performance machines. If these rumors prove true, hopefully the 8000 series cards will see a nice price drop once Nvidia switches focus.