If you're a fan of Mozilla and Firefox, you might be interested in helping them break a record. The Mozilla team announced earlier today their intentions to make the official release of Firefox 3 be a record-setting release for sheer number of downloads. Their goal is to have the first 24 hours of release give them a truly immense amount of downloads, more than any other Firefox release has before. They are so excited about it (almost too excited) that they have started Firefox Download Day, and are seeking to have people "pledge" to download it on release.

Taking a peek at the Download Day page on the Spread Firefox site shows pretty meager amounts for pledges, with only 2,522 worldwide. Given the immense user base Firefox has built up for itself I'm sure more than that will retrieve it. They aren't saying specifically how many downloads they are looking for, nor how they will be tallying them. It seems doubtful that multiple downloads from the same connection would be counted.