Google's self-developed platform for mobiles also known as Android has yet to see any mass entry into the market. However, that hasn't stopped Google from making grandiose plans for it. The search giant seems to be planning an application store to make devices based upon the platform more robust. Having the ability to modularize the software on your phone sounds good, though I'm a little doubtful on the willingness to pour money into a phone you've already paid for if all of a sudden you are expected to spend for every bit of added functionality.

Still, the idea is novel. Giving 3rd party developers a better chance to sell their software on a more accessible venue. Whether or not Google will offer such a permanent service is unknown at this stage, but if they want to compete with the iPhone (which still has its issues being a closed platform), it's a good start.

If Google was to pull this one off, it would become one of the very few centralized systems for installing software to phones, and something that very few phones (or people) are familiar with today.