OCZ has laid out a bunch of new things at Computex, ranging from new hardware to new marketing deals. They announced some new hardware from their PC Power & Cooling line, including new PSUs in their TurboCool series based around the Enthusiast System Architecture. They also announced some extremely fast memory, including their PC3-17000 Flex II modules that can supposedly achieve speeds at 2133MHz and even higher, using passive cooling.

They also will be demoing a lot of hardware in their Alchemy line, which they pitch at people who don't want to spend the large amounts of money you often must for the higher-end OCZ components, from PSUs to keyboards to mice. Most interesting to me, they also are preparing to demo new DIY notebooks, with the intent to show the world how easy it is to build a laptop from individual components for maximum customization.

OCZ's hardware is always worth looking at, so I look forward to seeing them demo their new stuff. You can read more in their press release.