AMD's processors are receiving a price cut, the most significant of which is centered around their triple-core variant of the Phenom. The CPU can now be acquired for fairly low prices, depending on where you acquire it. In the EU, it is selling for less than €100, and in the U.S. it floats at about $160. That's a decent price for building a multi-core machine, especially if you are trying to avoid “entry-level” hardware. This is likely good news for Dell, who announced four months ago that they would be carrying triple-core Phenoms in their desktop rigs.

AMD originally paved their way into the desktop CPU market by offering CPUs comparable to Intel's at a much better price point. That trend of offering low cost CPUs as a way to attracting more customers remained through all the way up to the Thoroughbred-based Athlons. In the past few years the trend changed, with AMD offering pricey “enthusiast” CPUs and the Celerons seeing very low price points, which played a part in how AMD lost their edge. A triple-core Phenom priced in nearly the same bracket as a Core 2 Duo might weigh heavily in their favor.

Intel does not have a triple-core competitor, as their design allows them to create only dual or quad core CPUs. AMD is betting that the cost to performance ratio of a triple core processor will help them.