AMD today updated their entry into the GPGPU arena with the FireStream 9250 card. The new card is based on the upcoming RV770 GPU – found on AMD’s 4800 series of graphics cards – and according to the company, their latest offering breaks the one teraflop barrier for single precision performance while pulling just under 170 watts.

This means the new 9250 will offer double the performance of its predecessor, the FireStream 9170, while upping power consumption by a mere 20 watts. Though stream processing is largely meant for scientific and engineering projects that need more computing power than what traditional CPUs can offer, AMD says the FireStream line is not only for high-performance computing but also more mainstream and consumer applications.

With Nvidia already pushing CUDA strongly in their lineup, it'll be interesting to see how the two platforms stack up in both hardware performance and software library support. AMD plans to deliver the FireStream 9250 packing 1GB of DDR3 and the supporting SDK in Q3 2008 at around $999.