Parallels, a virtualization suite geared towards letting Windows software run on the Mac, has received an update. Today, the company announced that the Parallels Server for Mac is now available. This marks a move out of a beta-only phase, now being offered with Leopard support and a SDK. The software is capable of some neat tricks, including running Leopard as both a Guest and a Host.

The software is not cheap, with a retail tag of $999. Their licensing does not take multi-core processors into consideration, limiting your ability to use it on multi-core systems. As such they are definitely not aiming it at desktop users, but rather at Enterprise development environments. They see the suite as furthering Mac server adoption in enterprises, something that is currently a very small market. The software is capable of supporting up to 32GB of RAM, which can easily be chewed through if running a handful of operating systems on a single machine. You can read the full press release in the comments section.