Another infamous open-source project got a new release today, with Wine version 1.0 now available for download. Wine, of course, is a Windows API implementation for Linux systems, BSD systems and others to enable them to run Windows software natively. It has been in development for 15 years now, and when used properly Wine can make a Linux system the only desktop you'll ever need.

The new release brings additional support for a lot of proprietary applications, such as Photoshop CS2, as well as greater compatibility for Windows games. Wine is also very useful for running a plethora of other software, such as utilities you've grown fond of in Windows. This release comes after a series of beta 1.0s released over the past few years. Unfortunately for WineHQ, their site also seems to have suffered a similar fate to the Get Firefox site this morning – an onslaught of eager users has rendered the page very slow if not outright dead. That might actually be good news, as it represents a considerable level of interest in open-source projects.