Ever since Asus launched its Eee PC late last year, ultra-portable devices and so-called “netbooks” have become increasingly popular. With big names such as HP, Dell, and more recently Acer all getting ready to launch their own low-cost notebooks, chipmakers have stepped up their efforts to get their processors inside them.

Intel’s Atom has been at the forefront of media attention, followed by Via’s Nano and Nvidia’s Tegra. But where does that leave AMD? Well, apparently they also have something on the way – if what appears to be a leaked AMD slide is to be believed. According to the slide, the company is planning a single-core 64-bit processor clocked at 1GHz with a TDP of 8W.

At that TDP, the mystery chip could be an option for ultra-portable notebooks but it’s probably not cool enough to run inside smaller mobile internet devices. Other features detailed in the slide include two 64KB chunks of L1 cache, 256KB of L2 cache, an integrated memory controller with DDR2-400 memory support, and an 800MHz HyperTransport link.